PowerPoint 2010

Classroom Course Outline (1 day)

Module 1 – Effective Use of PowerPoint

Best Uses

When is PowerPoint the right application to use?

How to avoid “death by PowerPoint”

Presenter Guidelines

Average minutes per slide

Using notes and handouts pages

Module 2 – Presenting Information


Inserting, editing and customizing text boxes

Creating master slides for consistent text presentation

Guidelines for effectively using text within PowerPoint


Using (not over-using!) bullets

Creating custom bullets

Inserting and positioning graphics and clip art

Importing custom graphics

Module 3 – Features and Functions New to 2010


Using the SmartArt gallery

Customizing SmartArt assets

Module 4 – Animation and Transitions

Adding Effects

Adding pre-set animations and transitions to text and graphics


Creating custom animations

Best practice for using animation in PowerPoint

Module 5 – Sound, Narration and Movies


Adding sounds or narration to slides and animation effects

Importing new sounds (music, voiceovers, etc.)

Inserting movie clips into PowerPoint


Setting up a self-timed (kiosk) presentation

Module 5 – Review and Summary

Summary of major concepts

Questions and answers

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