Excel 2010

Excel 2010

Are you data-phobic?  

Do your spreadsheets and reports communicate your numbers effectively?

Are you maximizing the powers of calculation and analysis that Excel 2010 has to offer?

Our Excel 2010 training provides practical, easy-to-understand instruction in the functions and features of this versatile application.

This course will boost your ability to organize, present and analyze your data by tackling topics such as:

  • Recognizing the differences between older versions of Excel and Excel 2010
  • Assembling worksheets
  • Applying common formatting and editing functions
  • Employing the most useful charts
  • Creating formulae
  • Constructing pivot tables

This seminar consists of group discussion, breakout activities, live online examples, screenshots, and printed job aids – which you may keep for future reference.

You do NOT need any technical know-how to take part in – and benefit from – these courses.

This seminar is available in two delivery formats – traditional “in-class” training or live online sessions.

Based on an audit of your learning needs, this course ranges in length from a ½ day, to one or more days.

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