Thinking Outside the Bowl


Not a box, a BOWL!
The top is open for an easy leap to a new perspective!

•    More of the same creates more of the same! People need new tools and perspectives to create fresh competitive edges for business! This interactive workshop shakes up conventional wisdom and gets your people more resourceful and passionately competitive!

•    Participants develop new wisdom to out-maneuver changes in the market place and to harvest new opportunities.

•    Visual models to create a systematic approach for solving challenges and fully engaging customer for business growth.

•    Fluff free! Participants benefit from the latest in neuroscience techniques to:

  • shift thinking state
  • gather new perspectives
  • choose differently
  • create optimized results with repeatable methods

•    Return to the expansive thinking that got business started in the first place. Re-write limiting belief systems and replace with new success stories.

•    Try our best-selling simulation game, Sink r’ Swim tm.  It’s an amazing entrepreneurial simulation that positions competing teams in a rapidly changing market.

“Participants learn to out-think and out-create the competition…not out-spend.

Better thinking systems shows bigger ROI.”

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