Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry

To uncover hidden resources, draw on Appreciative Inquiry (AI) – a strength-based whole system approach to change. Appreciative Inquiry is more than some abstract theory. It leads to tangible results and enhanced performance. Products that hit the mark. Satisfied clients. A productive and motivated workforce. Easy enough to talk about, but how to get there? Appreciative Inquiry is the hub through which everything revolves.

In the words of a founder of Appreciative Inquiry, AI seeks out the best of “what is” to ignite the collective imagination of what “might be.” In other words, AI is a framework that identifies and facilitates shared goals.

It’s all in the question.

The fuel of AI are questions, which have the power to make, or destroy any plan of action.

A query like, “Why did this project fail?” causes doubt, accusation and mistrust. Hardly the foundation for bigger and better things.

However, with an Appreciative Inquiry such as “Describe what happened when you achieved superior results?” everyone is orientated on an empowering path of success. Appreciative Inquiry uncovers what works well, spring-boarding other transformative ideas. In an AI framework, a motivated team who want to see their ideas succeed implements the best solutions.

By attending to the things that do work, Appreciative Inquiry creates a trusting, open environment that builds a powerful, sustaining and reinforcing energy. The process builds the bonds of trust and respect that are hallmarks of great organizations. Talent will be identified, called on and supported to achieve great results.

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