True Colors

truecolors2True Colors

True Colors ® is a human relations model and tool presented in an entertaining, highly interactive format. Based on leading edge research into human motivation and behaviour, this is an excellent program to learn to value differences in other people and understand ourselves.

The True Colors ® philosophy recognizes that there are four innate systems that drive our behaviour and through which people strive to experience self-esteem.

In 1979 Don Lowry, the creator of True Colors ®, was introduced to the works of Dr. David Keirsey. The latter explained temperament theory in light of the work done by various psychologists and doctors. Lowry was drawn to the theory and, the more he studied it, the more he found explanations for practically all his life experiences.

Don Lowry was a teacher who knew that temperament theory had been debated and studied in one form or another for centuries and he believe it would be useful and interesting to his students. However, for the theory to be appealing to people of all ages, Lowry felt that it needed to be presented in a lively, colorful and entertaining manner. His vision was to integrate education with entertainment in what he called the “EDUTAINMENT” model. He used colors to represent the four temperament types because colors were visual and easy to remember. The colors where chosen for their association with psychological and physiological needs. Colors were also carefully chosen which had no negative or cultural connotations.

True Colors ® is being presented today with much success and enthusiasm in Canada and the U.S. Participants range from young children to adults from all walks of life. Educational institutions and the corporate world are using True Colors ® as a helpful tool for validating temperament differences among their staff and for fostering unity, harmony and teamwork within their various establishments.

True Colors ® is:

  • A metaphor for understanding temperament.
  • Intended to help us celebrate, appreciate and value the unique blend of the four temperament types in each of us.
  • An interactive and enjoyable vehicle of learning about others and ourselves.

True Colors ® is NOT:

  • A panacea.
  • An attempt to explain fully the complexity of human behaviour.
  • To be used to “label” or “stereotype” people, but to help us understand them better

This is truly a valuable and useful communication tool to carry us well into the next millennium.

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