LEA360 Feedback

In this LEA 360 Feedback ® session participants will receive valid and reliable 360 degree feedback from themselves and others — direct reports, peers, and bosses — on the use of leadership behaviors.

The LEA 360 Feedback ® originates from the Management Research Group® (MRG), an organization committed to helping individuals and organizations around the world gain powerful insights — insights that allow them to reach their full potential.

The LEA 360™ assessment produces a comprehensive feedback report complete with profiles, narratives, strategic implications, and developmental opportunities. Since the feedback is based on behaviors, the recommended changes are realistic and tangible.

Participants will also receive the LEA Resource Guide, included with the feedback report, which outlines suggested action steps and provides tools for prioritizing and focusing their individual developmental actions.

How You Will Benefit:

  • receive feedback that is clear, non-threatening and focused.
  • feedback will be given that provides specific direction  exclusively    on their development.
  • a summary will be given comparing their leadership effectiveness to the 22 identified leadership behaviors.
  • information consolidated from their boss, peers and direct reports that profiles the approach they are currently using in their leadership role.
  • identification of the specific areas in which they are successful, as well as areas in which there is a need for further development.
  • recommendations for how to improve their effectiveness as a leader, as well as action planning worksheets to build a developmental plan.

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