The Kolbe Wisdom:

Identifies the Nature of Creative Instincts

The Kolbe Wisdom is based on the concept that creative instincts are the source of the mental energy that drives people to take specific actions. This mental drive is separate and distinct from passive feelings and thoughts. Creative instincts are manifested in an innate pattern (modus operandi, or MO) that determines each person’s best efforts.

A person’s MO is quantifiable and observable, yet functions at the subconscious level. MOs vary across the general population with no gender, age or racial bias.

Defines the Influence of Instinctive Power

An individual’s MO governs actions, reactions and interactions. The MO also determines a person’s use of time and his or her natural form of communication. Exercising control over this mental resource gives people the freedom to be their authentic selves.

Quantifies the Negative Impact of Impeding Instinctive Energy

Any interference with the use of this energy reduces a person’s effectiveness and the joy of accomplishment. Stress inevitably results from the prolonged disruption of the flow of this energy. Others can nurture this natural ability, but block it by attempting to alter it.

Predicts Individual and Team Performance

Individual performance can be predicted with great accuracy by comparing instinctive realities, self-expectations and requirements. It will fluctuate based on the appropriateness of expectations and requirements.

When groups of people with the right mix of MOs function interactively, the combined mental energy produces synergy. Such a team can perform at a higher level than is possible for the same group of people functioning independently.

Team performance is accurately predicted by a set of algorithms that determines the appropriate balance and makeup of MOs.

Optimizes Individual and Team Performance

Leaders can optimize individual and group performance by:

• giving people the freedom to be themselves.
• assigning jobs suited to instinctive strengths.
• building synergistic teams.
• reducing obstacles that cause debilitating stress.
• rewarding committed use of instinctive energy.
• allowing for the appropriate use of time.
• communicating in ways that trigger the effective use of the natural, universal and unbiased energy of creative instincts.

Scientific Support

The Kolbe Wisdom is the latest in a series of successful psychological systems developed by the well-known and highly honored author and theorist, Kathy Kolbe. The Kolbe Wisdom has grown out of Kathy’s scientific studies of learning differences among children that began in 1970. In the 1980’s Kathy began using what she learned from these studies to advise such business giants as Kodak, IBM, Xerox, Alaska Airlines and many others around the world. Now, Kathy has taken these highly successful techniques, previously only available to the business community, and reshaped them into a system for individuals, couples and families.

Instinct Power

Through her research, business consulting and her amazing recovery from a “hopeless” brain injury caused by a drunken driver, Kathy made a stunning, yet simple discovery:

What people can do has little to do with what they have the ability to do.
The reason? People have been taught to ignore their instincts, or worse yet, to fear or hate their instincts. Ignoring your instincts and failing to appreciate the instincts of others can be disastrous.

When people act according to instinct, their energy is almost inexhaustible – like water running downhill. But, when people are forced to act against their instinct, their energy is rapidly depleted – like water being pumped uphill.

Of course, education and maturity are critical in this complicated world. So too, are discipline and values. But all too often, education, discipline and value systems have been used to unnecessarily suffocate instinct. Now, The Kolbe Wisdom can restore the complementary balance among learned behaviors and instinct, so that the energy of instinct can restore vitality to daily life, relationships and work.

Using the Kolbe Wisdom to Unleash Your Instincts

The first part of the Kolbe Wisdom is a 36-question survey, the Kolbe ATM index or KCI® that reveals your individual mix of striving instincts: the instincts that drive you to take action and flow naturally. These striving instincts are divided into four categories called your Action Modes. These action modes are divided into three zones of operation. This creates a 12-part chart of Paths to Success that summarizes how you naturally contribute in each of the four action modes. This is a very comprehensive, yet simple and reliable chart of how your unique instincts help you creatively solve problems.

You also receive detailed explanations about how you are so valuable; how you can avoid stress; how you can improve your personal relationships; and how you can maximize your career activities and workplace interactions.

Other indexes are available that provide more information in specific relationship and career situations. There’s even a youth index for people at a 5th grade reading level (about 9 years old). Books and tapes are also available on a number of topics. Some of these come in cost saving packages.

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