Identity Mapping

Identity Mapping

Are you looking to increase employee engagement, reduce absenteeism or improve communication in your company?

Are you interested in building stronger teams?

If you are in sales or customer service, would you like to increase your sales or handle customer issues more effectively and with less stress?

Through a proprietary modality, Identity Mapping using the Four Ways System™, and individual and interactive group exercises, this model is used to assist people to communicate and relate better with everyone with whom they interact.  Through self-discovery and an enhanced understanding of others, people are enabled to be highly effective and organizations increase their profitability due to the increased productivity of their people.
Results include:

  • Increased output
  • Improved employee compatibility
  • Excellent management productivity
  • Increased customer retention
  • Improved client relations management
  • Enhanced staff communication skills
  • Enhanced employee efficiency, profitability

This Alliance Partner has conducted successful training sessions all over the world for organizations in trouble and transition and with organizations that are simply looking to increase their success.  After 9/11 this partner worked with employees who had not only witnessed the awful events of that day but had the on-going stress of relocation and the re-building of teams while trying to maintain and grow their client base. The relationship with that client has continued.

This Alliance Partner works with executives and front line worked to enable everyone within an organization to enhance their communication and relationship skills to make employees more productive and companies more profitable.

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