What is DiSC ® ?

DiSC ® is the original, oldest most validated, reliable personal assessment tool used by over 50 million people to improve lives, interpersonal relationships, work productivity, teamwork and communication.  Based on the work of psychologist William Moulton Marston, the DiSC ®  Personal Profile System is personality behavioral testing profiling using a 4 dimensional model of normal behaviour in an assessment inventory.  The Athena Alliance training partner has many exciting programs options listed below.

“The Communication Connection-Getting it Right”

Understanding yourself is the key to understanding and interacting with others. This is the premise of the DiSC Personality Profiling seminar. An innovative approach to behavioral insight, DiSC not only uncovers unique personality traits of those profiled, it gives participants practical solutions for interacting more effectively with different behavioral styles.

Learning Outcomes

  • Establish a connection between communication and DiSC learning
  • Identify individual behavioral tendencies and explain how they affect other team members
  • Develop strategies to communicate with other DiSC dimensions to work more effectively
  • Learn to adapt our behavior to meet the needs of others
  • Develop strategies for harnessing the power of different personalities

“Understanding your Intimate Relationships”

Your personal, intimate and professional relationships are founded on a true understanding of yourself and then of the others around you. The DiSC behavioral profile will help create an atmosphere of collaboration by helping people to understand how a healthy relationship works and by providing strategies on how to create them.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify your personal behavioral tendencies and how your style can affect the people in your life
  • List strategies for creating and maintaining healthy relationships for you and your partner
  • Describe the strengths and limitations of your behavioral style
  • Learn how to adapt your style to those most important to you

“Understanding your Buyer”

Understanding yourself is the key to understanding and interacting with others. This is the premise of the DiSC Behavioral profiling seminar. An innovative approach to behavioral insight, DiSC not only uncovers unique behavioral traits of those profiled, but also teaches you how to use the unique elements of your personality to understand and help customers in making their buying decisions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe characteristics of their individual DiSC profile
  • Develop strategies to communicate with other DiSC dimensions to work more effectively
  • Develop techniques to motivate different personalities to buy
  • List and describe the characteristics of various DiSC profiles as they relate to selling

“Leveraging Your Team’s Strength for More Innovative and Profitable Results”

Behavior is a key factor in the performance and cohesion of a team in the workplace.  This session is designed to help you identify and utilize the strengths of your staff to maximize their effectiveness.  The seminar describes the hallmarks of successful teams and the warning signs of conflicting personalities. This seminar will also provides insights to business owners to work with employee personality and behavior to promote a positive and profitable work environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a focused, directed and engaged team
  • Capitalize on the connection between communication and personality styles instead of working against it
  • Forge a team that exchanges ideas and solutions
  • Define the hallmarks of a successful team and learn how to cultivate them
  • Develop strategies to best combine different personalities to maximize productivity

“Management Essentials”

The demands placed on managers in the modern business environment increase
daily. Managing an expanding client base and workforce requires exceptional interpersonal skills, strong leadership abilities and the ability to delegate. This course is designed to enhance these qualities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the many roles and responsibilities of a supervisor
  • List expectations from managers, peers, and subordinates
  • List and describe personality styles and how they affect team dynamics and communication
  • Define the stages of team development
  • Identify effective ways to give positive and constructive feedback
  • Delegate work and responsibility skillfully
  • Discover techniques used to minimize conflict and build group commitment

“Letting the Genie Out: Unlocking Personal Potential through Coaching”

Realizing the full potential of a business unit requires the skills of an accomplished leader. Managers must interact with staff in ways that both guide and empower them. This workshop provides managers and supervisors with the coaching skills necessary to drive and navigate a dynamic team of employees by focusing on the core elements of success.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define coaching from a Project perspective
  • Establish a connection between coaching and DiSC learning
  • Develop listening skills to improve team performance
  • Identify effective ways to give positive and constructive feedback
  • Apply a coaching model to improve business performance

“Twice the Work, Half the Time: Effective Delegation”

Knowing how to effectively delegate can significantly streamline a manager’s workload and increase the turnaround time of a project. This workshop introduces a three-part model that gives managers the skills needed to delegate responsibility while overcoming barriers and motivating staff.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the benefits of delegating to the team, organization, and to the individual
  • Establish a connection between delegating and DiSC learning
  • Identify and overcome barriers to delegating
  • tilize a 3 phase model for delegation

“Building an Effective Virtual Team”

In a Global business world, distance makes working in teams challenging. An understanding of behavior and communication is even more important in a virtual team where creating an atmosphere of trust can be difficult to achieve. This workshop focuses on creating the ideal virtual team environment. Doing so necessitates an examination of key communication issues, including trust and management of expectations. Two solutions will be addressed including DiSC: a behavioral assessment where team members learn to communicate effectively with other personality styles in a virtual setting: and a Team Operating Agreement which acts as a guide for team member interaction.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the challenges faced by virtual teams
  • List strategies for building trust within your team
  • Identify team and individual expectations
  • Develop the guidelines your team will operate by
  • Decide how you and your team-members prefer to communicate and how you will adapt your style in a virtual setting

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