Employment Law for Non HR Professionals (New)

Employment Law for Non HR Professionals 

In today’s legal environment, taking care of the ‘people-side’ of the business becomes increasingly important to organizations.  Leaders need to be equipped with knowledge and tools to reduce legal costs and minimize the risk of third party employee complaints and/or lawsuits arising from workplace issues.  This course will provide participants with an overview of typical workplace issues along with practical tips when faced with them.

Examples of modules reviewed in this course include: the importance of legislative compliance, the do’s and don’ts in recruitment and selection, statutory obligations regarding hours of work, overtime, vacation, leaves of absence, accommodation and termination, among others. Participants will also be provided with a summary of key legislative developments and how these changes impact their organization.

How you will Benefit:
▪ Participants will gain practical tips about how to pro-actively deal with workplace issues before they
▪ Gain a deeper understanding of employment related laws and what is required to protect themselves
▪ Better understand their rights and obligations as employers to protect their business and minimize liability

What Will You Learn:
▪ The latest developments in Ontario’s workplace landscape
▪  A review of the rights and obligations of employers and employees
▪  Employment Law ‘Red Flags’- what to look for to deal with workplace issues quickly and professionally
▪  Tools and tips to assist your organization to minimize your legal fees and stay out of court!
▪  Practical insights for managing all stages of the employment cycle from recruitment to termination