Athena’s Placement Solution

Looking for the “Perfect Fit” for your organization?

With our proven track record and customized formula we partner with you to put

the right person in the right position

At Athena Training and Consulting Inc. we have found another perfect fit partner to round out our services with a team of skilled recruiters whose experience spans many sectors. We bring deep recruitment expertise where we engage and present to your organization the best professionals.

We do the ground work and simplify the process for hiring or contracting a new resource, which frees you up to focus on other areas of your business. We offer a 90 day replacement guarantee, which we’re proud to say “we’ve never utilized”.

Athena’s Placement Solution.
Our recruitment services focus on your corporate and cultural needs utilizing extensive industry knowledge and key search strategies. We engage professionals across all industries and geographies in a variety of fields including but not limited to:

Enterprise Solutions/Technology Professionals
Sales Professionals
Financial Experts

Through a thorough discovery and needs analysis, recognizing that every position requires individuals with a unique set of credentials and personal attributes we are able to determine the demographic persona including required skill set and previous experience that best matches the position.

Our Perfect fit approach includes:
• Providing resumes for qualified candidates within 24/48 hours
• Unique marketing approach utilizing several marketing vehicles including social media to attract the most suitable candidates
• Recruiting experts ready to take immediate action
• Accessing of candidates from our database of professional and qualified candidates
• Full background and reference/security checks
• Placement Guarantee
• General Liability coverage

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