Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

We never get a second chance to make a positive first impression.

Leaders, sales people, managers and employees can all benefit from polishing their presentation skills. In fact, whether formally or informally we are presenting all the time.

To present with impact is a learned skill and takes practice. The Athena Alliance Presentation Skills workshops are customized, highly interactive and provide a safe place to practice and enhance your presentation skills and receive critical feedback to further craft your delivery.

The most important component of any presentation is preparation – in fact 95% of how well you do in a presentation is determined before you get in front of an audience. Although each Presentation Skills program we do is different, the fundamental foundations of a powerful presentation are part of every session. These programs are highly interactive and filled with tips and tricks on every aspect of giving a presentation to multiple audiences.

Our Presentation Skills programs are  interactive and offer the following:

  • Time to prepare an actual presentation using the tips and tricks covered in the session
  • Proven remedies for dealing with stage fright!
  • Time to deliver an actual presentation
  • A video taped copy of their presentation
  • Immediate verbal and written feedback from the facilitator and the participants
  • Comprehensive handouts for reference
  • When applicable, a follow up session within 60 – 90 days

The participants leave their session with a proven process that they can continually use to prepare and deliver powerful presentations. Feedback on our process has always been positive and participants leave having more confidence to speak not only to groups, but their one-on-one presentations improve substantially too.