Powerful Interviews – Present Yourself with Impact!

Two half-day workshops covering five distinct modules that reveal a unique understanding of how to communicate well and how to use this knowledge to handle interviews effectively.

The modules will reveal: how to communicate with success, how to achieve personal excellence when speaking, how to use these skills to communicate effectively with others, and how to successfully deal with tough Q&A and interviews.


FIRST MODULE: Principles of Good Communication     – 2 hrs 00 min.

This session establishes insight in the principles of successful communication and introduces a distinctive method to excellence in delivery skills.

The emphasis is on using physical delivery skills to enhance the participant’s ability to speak more powerfully and persuasively and to project positive aspects of personality:  how to develop presence or gravitas.

This Alliance Partner’s depth of understanding of how spoken communication works enables development of skills which are more effective and lead to excellence – they can then be used across the board whether speaking to very small groups or large audiences, enhancing teamwork and winning success at interviews.

SECOND MODULE: Practice Presentations in Meetings    – 1 hr 30 min.

This session offers a deeper insight into the practical skills of being appearing confident and interesting in a meeting. Candidates will apply the principles learned in the first module. It is much harder than it seems to appear confident and candidates will enjoy the results as they are shown ‘how to get it right’.

THIRD MODULE: Creating the Best Answer on the Spot – 30 mins

Candidates will be shown the skills used in creating and developing content.  Of critical importance here is the development of a more focused thinking process which leads to clearer and more powerful messages.

This process is then applied to writing effective résumés. There will be a discussion of the dos and don’ts of résumé writing. Participants will finish this session with an assignment to update their résumés according to the guidelines provided. The résumés will be used for the interviews in the second half day.

Candidates will be briefed with a list of normal and difficult questions to help them prepare some answers for the interviews on the second half day.

End of first half day


FOURTH MODULE: Practical Session    20 Mins

This session is a practical group session, having participants share their résumés with one another and offering critique knowing the guidelines provided the previous day. We will look at things that stand out, positively and negatively, in the prepared résumés.

After effectiveness of material is reviewed and discussed participants will be interviewed according to the information provided in the résumés. This should offer the participant a good chance to promote him- or herself.

FIFTH MODULE: Handling Q&A and Interviews     – 3 hr 40 min.

The last session will deal with Q&A and Interviews. This Alliance Partner has extensive knowledge in handling Q&A and how to deal with tough interviews. Our methodology has proved successful even in dealing with media.

Imagine learning techniques employed by spokespeople of many different organizations as well as politicians throughout the world and how useful the application of those techniques can be in daily business and life.

Using this knowledge, participants will learn how to handle tough questioning and interviewing. Participants will learn the pitfalls of being inconsistent in answer delivery. They will experience what it feels like to come across with confidence. They will know when they have said enough and how to be succinct.

It is a very rewarding experience and the knowledge gained in this session will benefit participants for the rest of their lives.

End of second half day

All sessions rely on extensive use of video-taping and video-analysis.