Leadership Communication Skills

Leadership Communication Skills

Have you ever trained your management team on the art of influence? 
If not, why not? Influence is a survival skill for managers and leaders, yet it doesn’t come naturally to most. How can you expect anyone to manage people, complete projects, and meet budgets if they don’t know how to inspire others to follow them? Our alliance partner shows your key people how to master the Three Elements of Influential Communication to become persuasive leaders.

 Unique Approach

Instead of focusing on abstract concepts and techniques, our alliance partner teaches people about themselves. He examines their individual communication styles to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not. Then he helps them understand exactly what they need to do to be more influential. The final ingredient that ties it all together: lots of guided practice.  Learning Objectives

Your team members will learn to:

  • Enhance the personal traits that make them naturally influential
  • Overcome the habits that are holding them back
  • Build authentic relationships with diverse audiences
  • Be persuasive, with or without authority
  • Write clear, concise messages that get people to take action
  • Speak more naturally and confidently
  • Build their personal brand

 Total Customization

Our alliance partner tailors every aspect of this course to your team. He focuses the material on the written word, the spoken word, or both: whatever your needs dictate. 

100% Relevant – Participants showcase their skills and uncover their unique strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t get more relevant than that. 

Individual Feedback – Throughout the workshop, Geoff critiques each participant’s writing and speaking style. 

Class size and format – Three options:

  • Full group – Workshop for up to 8 people. 
Two full days over two weeks, plus a half-day 
follow-up session 30 to 60 days later.
  • Small group – Coaching for up to 3 people. 
Four 2-hour sessions over two months.
  • Individual – Private coaching for one person. 
Four 2-hour sessions over two months.