Influential Business Writing

Influential Business Writing

Do you have time to sift through long reports, unclear memos, and rambling emails? Probably not. That’s why managers and executives lean on our alliance  partner to transform their team members into persuasive writers. Imagine how much more your team could accomplish if their writing was clear, concise, and persuasive enough to get others to take immediate action.

Unique Approach

The basic rules of grammar are easy to teach and learn. But this alliance partner dives deeper. Instead of re-teaching a bunch of rules we all learned in grade school, he explores the dynamics of human decision-making and the factors that lead a person to become engaged and take action. He helps people analyze their writing habits and understand the effect those habits have on the reader. Then he shows them how to use his proven formula to write more persuasively.

Learning Objectives

Your team members will learn to:

  • Build trust and credibility through their writing
  • Instill in the reader a sense of urgency
  • Organize their thoughts and arguments using the Action Sequence
  • Be clear and concise every time
  • Use plain language to connect with busy, distracted people
  • Cut the fluff out of their sentences
  • Use punctuation as a tool of persuasion
  • Avoid the deadly grammar traps
  • Write using direct, active language

 Total Customization

The alliance partner tailors the program to suit your team’s specific business writing challenges.

100% Relevant – each workshop is built around samples of your team’s writing, so they can see the concepts come to life in familiar situations.

Individual Feedback – Each participant is invited to bring a writing sample for a private critique.

Flexible Timing – choose the length that suits your business objectives and budget.

  • 2 Day Intensive – Transform your team’s communication culture
  • 1 Day Skill Booster – Improve your team’s writing habits
  • Half Day Introduction – Plant seeds for change

Lasting Change – To make sure the new habits stick, each course also offers follow-up options 30 to 60 days later.

Limited Class Size – To ensure each participant receives individual attention, the class is limited to a maximum of 16 people.