ESL for Business

ESL for Business

This Alliance partner is a Toronto-based company offering customized training and seminars to support the needs of business clients who have English as a Second Language. The company specializes in pronunciation and cross-cultural communications training and also offers a wide range of complimentary services.

This Alliance partner has worked for over 20 years in the field of adult education and English as a Second Language (ESL), teaching all levels and subjects of ESL, training adult educators and developing educational materials. With ESL teaching certification (TESL) and a Masters degree, she has specialized in pronunciation, cross cultural communications and different aspects of adult education and voice.

By drawing on this combination of education and experience, the Alliance partner has developed expertise in the area of communication and learning, and is able to take a global approach to pronunciation, cross-cultural communications and materials development.


This Alliance partner offers a variety of English Language training services for business clients ranging from large companies to aspiring entrepreneurs. Services come in the form of one-on-one tutoring, small group classes, seminars, needs assessments and evaluations. The following list outlines the range of products available:

Training Topics

  1. Pronunciation
  2. Business communications
  3. Conversation & pronunciation
  4. Socio-linguistic competence
  5. Voice & ESL
  6. Presentation skills

Services & Modalities

  1. One-on-one tutoring
  2. Group courses
  3. Pronunciation needs assessments
  4. Communication needs assessments
  5. Business support services
  6. Professional development seminars

All training, seminars and assessments can be customized to the client’s needs.

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