Beyond ESL: Writing with impact when English is your second language

Along with the rise of technology and globalization, the world has adopted English as the international language of business. Many of my students have studied English as a Second Language (ESL), yet they struggle to be persuasive in an office dominated by native English speakers. Beyond ESL is NOT an ESL program; instead, it’s designed to ENHANCE previous ESL training. It prepares students to be influential and competent when they communicate using the written word in real-life business situations.

Is this course for you?

Answer the following:
1. Can you understand and speak everyday English?
2. Have you completed an English language training program?
3. Would you like to be more confident and influential when you write and speak at work?
If you answered ‘yes’ to all three, then YES, this course is for you.
It’s not easy being thrust into a different culture!
Here’s what my students tell me all the time:
• “I feel a lot of pressure to learn more words.”
• “I’m sure other people are judging me and my use of English.”
• “I can’t help but compare myself to others, and I know I’m less skillful.”
• “People tell me my accent is hard to understand.”
• “I never know the right expression to use.”
• “I speak very slowly because I don’t have the words.”
• “It’s unfair that my English-speaking colleagues get better jobs and more pay.”
• “I’m not confident.”
• “I can’t get a promotion because of my bad English.”

Before you sign up for another ESL course, WAIT!
If you’re like most ESL students, you probably don’t need more language training. In fact, you may have noticed that your grammar is already strong compared to some of your English-speaking peers. What you need is someone to help you fine tune your skills and show you which habits are keeping you from getting to the next stage of your development.
Workshop Outcomes
You don’t have to be fluent in English to succeed in an English workplace. However, there are some foundational concepts you need to understand. After the workshop, you’ll be able to do the following with greater skill and confidence:
• Communicate with a better knowledge of cross-cultural differences
• Build a stronger reputation for yourself
• Structure your content to get faster replies and action from busy people
• Design your messages to appeal to mobile users
• Write concise sentences that paint clear pictures in your audience’s mind

Included in the workshop
• Continental breakfast and lunch
• Private scorecard on your communication style
• Workbook
• Handouts
• Complimentary copy of the book Buried Alive: Digging Your Way Out To Clear Communication