What is good communication?

Communication is the act of imparting information by verbal, non-verbal or written means, so it is understood by the receiver.  Successful communicators know that good listening is an ACTIVE process requiring substantial effort.  Communication is a two-way interaction that most people have little or no formal training on.

Studies show according to Donald W. Caudiel, Associate Professor, University North Alabama:

  • 75% of what we hear is incorrectly heard and the remaining 25% we forget 75% within a week.
  • Another study claims that the average listener has an immediate retention of only 50% and within 24 – 48 hours the retention drops to 25%

Beyond ESL ~Along with the rise of technology and globalization, the world has adopted English as the international language of business. Many of my students have studied English as a Second Language (ESL), yet they struggle to be persuasive in an office dominated by native English speakers. Beyond ESL is NOT an ESL program; instead, it’s designed to ENHANCE previous ESL training. It prepares students to be influential and competent when they communicate using the written word in real-life business situations.

ESL for Business   ~ This Alliance partner is a Toronto-based company offering customized training and seminars to support the needs of business clients who have English as a Second Language. The company specializes in pronunciation and cross-cultural communications training and also offers a wide range of complimentary services.

Helping Leaders Become Better Speakers ~ Our Athena Alliance partner is always amazed at people who have the misconception that successful leaders have no trouble communicating with an audience. These people argue that leaders who are charting a course to continued prosperity for their companies couldn’t possibly worry about making a speech or presentation. Yet not all leaders are good speakers. Some may be thrust into a senior role with little experience in public speaking. Others may be overly confident; failing to realize that when they speak their audience isn’t really paying attention.

Influential Business Writing ~ Do you have time to sift through long reports, unclear memos, and rambling emails? Probably not. That’s why managers and executives lean on our alliance  partner to transform their team members into persuasive writers. Imagine how much more your team could accomplish if their writing was clear, concise, and persuasive enough to get others to take immediate action.

Leadership Communication Skills ~ Have you ever trained your management team on the art of influence? 
If not, why not? Influence is a survival skill for managers and leaders, yet it doesn’t come naturally to most. How can you expect anyone to manage people, complete projects, and meet budgets if they don’t know how to inspire others to follow them? Our alliance partner shows your key people how to master the Three Elements of Influential Communication to become persuasive leaders.

Media Communication ~ These training sessions can be focused on specific issues or crises facing your organization or company.
We customize our in-house training based on the audience. LEVEL 1: for management and executives who are new to public relations, we provide basic introductory skills that prove invaluable in mastering their new spokesperson responsibilities. LEVEL 2: For more seasoned, savvy executives, we polish your presentation delivery skills, which are vital to on-target communication.

Managing Confrontation and Conflict ~ We address many of the key challenges in overcoming conflict avoidance and managing strong emotions, by using a strategic, step-by-step framework for starting and finishing essential conversations. You will also learn techniques designed to deepen your understanding of how the party or parties may see a given situation, tools for managing strong emotions – both yours and others’, and simple but powerful ideas that you can use to help you conduct these difficult conversations in order to address conflict more effectively.

Online Language Courses ~ This Alliance Partner offers courses over 10 weeks. Our online business (and ESL) writing courses permit participants to build on and reinforce what they have learned.  Plus, The staff of real professionals actually assesses written assignments and returns them to participants, themselves. This personal coaching makes all the difference in the world. It’s the reason.  Customers claim 80% improvements – in time saved, in cycles shortened, in successful communications.

Powerful Interviews – Present Yourself with Impact ~ Participants will learn how to handle tough questioning and interviewing. Participants will learn the pitfalls of being inconsistent in answer delivery. They will experience what it feels like to come across with confidence. They will know when they have said enough and how to be succinct. It is a very rewarding experience and the knowledge gained in this session will benefit participants for the rest of their lives.

Presentation Skills  ~ To present with impact is a learned skill and takes practice. The Athena Alliance Presentation Skills workshops are customized, highly interactive and provide a safe place to practice and enhance your presentation skills and receive critical feedback to further craft your delivery.

Taming the eMail Monster~ Many clients describe email as being “out of control”, “insane”, “a monster”. There’s a frustration that often this “productivity tool” is just not being used in a very productive manner, individually and as an organization. Taming the Email Monster is a 3 hour workshop to provide individuals & teams with the insight and strategies necessary to manage their email more effectively. It goes beyond the technology to take a behaviour-based approach to email management – looking at how we react, how we think, how we send & how we organize email.

The Business of Listening ~ Most of us have developed as business people in organizational cultures that emphasize the persuasiveness of the speaker. We’ve spent countless hours, and a great deal of money, attending to our appearance, business dress, body language, facial expression, selection of language, tone of voice, charts, graphs, and on and on. The importance of those factors is not denied. However, they’re not the only factors influencing communication. And are they powerful enough, when we’re trying to get the best from a diverse group of people, build a customer-focused organization, or influence those who disagree with us?

Writing Effective eMails for Business  ~ eMail has become one of the most popular ways to communicate within business, but few companies have implemented protocols for maintaining professionalism, maximizing efficiency and ensuring protection from liability for themselves and their employees.  This course will provide the tools for writing effective and professional eMails when communicating with either internal or external audiences.  Learners will be able to write with power, persuasion and confidence, set up customer service letter libraries, and improve their response time to eMail communications.