Level 6 Systems Coaching (TM)

Level 6 Systems Coaching (TM)

Every High Performance Person has a Coach.

This newly developed coaching technique combines 17 years of leadership training & consulting into a Systems Thinking, high performance model.

By looking at whole systems of company dynamics, Level 6 Systems Coaching has participants identify top priorities, key results, and changes they need to make. Sustainable growth means changes to the system.

·    Accelerate results
·    Get Optimized
·    Step into a higher leadership role sooner

Level 1:  Your present coordinates: Capture, record and identify where you are and what you want. Amazing mind mapping techniques create a visual record of your system. Draw links between concepts to gain clarity or where you are.

Level 2:  Your Influence: Examine how the people around you are functioning.  Identify the role you play in their success (and in their struggle).

Level 3:  Get “reel”: Discover and acknowledge what is in your way.  What needs to change within you to lead more effectively?

Level 4:  Integrity and control: Recognize how much you really need and how much you can let go.

Level 5:  Seeing the Big Picture:  See the big picture and plan for realistic and audacious success.

Level 6: Living the Big Picture: Get it done! Think it, live it, maintain it.

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