Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference

Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference

by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

little things, big difference - planning, structure & commitmentI have just returned from delivering one of my sales training programs across Canada.  This was an exciting and rewarding experience for me.  Truly one of my dreams come true.  The participants were engaged and wanted to learn some techniques to keep them on track.  Some of the feedback supported my belief that sometimes it is the little things that we do every day consistently than can make all the difference.  I have listed five of these observations below:

1)    Having structure in your life.  Planning your work and working your plan.  Having a one year (or at least 6 months) written plan of your annual targets and outlining specific steps how you will get there.  Including milestones and rewards along the way will help keep you on track and motivate to keep going.


2)    Personal integrity.  Be someone that you can count on to say as you will do and do as you say.  So often we make promises and commitments to ourselves and when it comes to actually executing on what we say, we drop the ball.  By following through on our commitments to ourselves we build a new level of confidence in ourselves.

3)    Watch your thoughts.  Many times we have habitual negative thoughts that can hinder our success.  By changing our thoughts we can change our actions and in the end achieve more of what matters to us.  It is also a lot more fun having positive thoughts!

4)    Become highly scheduled.  If we leave things to chance, the chances are some important things won’t get done.  It has been my experience the more I schedule action items into my calendar (versus on a “To-Do” list) the more I get done.  It is amazing how much more we can get done, when we schedule our days.

5)    Create support structures.  For those people who work from home or remote offices it can sometimes be difficult to stay motivated.  Having a buddy, a coach or a mentor to connect with on a regular basis will help us get through the more challenging days.