“Inside the Magic Kingdom” Lesson 4 by Cindy Stradling CSP, CPC

 “Inside the Magic Kingdom” Continued from previous week…


Everything walks the talk.

Not only does everyone walk the talk, everything walks the talk. The equipment, facilities, trucks or anything that represents ymagickingdomour company should walk the talk. The gold leaves on the carousel are painted with 23-karat gold paint. Most people would not know the difference but the staff are reminded by this what we do for our customer is the most important thing of all. One of the points made in the book was very revealing… “a lot of managers would be shocked to find out how little their employees believe management walks the talk.” The key as described in the book is turning common sense into common practice. 

Questions for discussion with your team:

  1. Remember the gold leaf paint on the carousel.  What messages are being sent to our associates/employees about the value of customers?
  2. Keeping in mind the importance of things unseen, in what ways could we remind employees that customers are “pure gold?”
  3. Imagine that everything in our company walked the talk.  What would that look like?
  4. What’s the one thing that could be changed so that it did a better job of walking the talk?