CASE STUDY: Productivity

AIA 600x314 (2)TOPIC: Productivity

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

ASSESSMENT/SITUATION: My client, with whom I have been working with for over 6 years, called me one day, frustrated at the lack of productivity within her HR team.  They had a very in-depth in-house program for the other departments and company leaders that was working very well.  Over the years, she had used several of the Athena Alliance partners to complement their internal programs. This day, my client was particularly concerned about the amount of missed deadlines and generally what seemed to be the lack of commitment within her own department.  We talked about various possible solutions; we knew they needed to have a shift in how they were working.  I interviewed a few of the team members, and it became clear that they needed help in learning how to prioritize their heavy workload.

ATHENA PARTNER MATCHING:  I had the perfect partner for them. This Athena Alliance partner had 20+ years’ experience in leading people on how to become more productive in their day-to-day activities.

SOLUTION: The Athena Alliance partner recommended a one-day productivity program to start with and with two half-day follow-up programs over the next six months.  He also recommended that each of the participants join with an accountability partner who would support each other on a weekly basis. They agreed to a 15-minute call once a week to check in and support each other.  The Athena Alliance partner provided the participants with a template of questions they would ask to each other.

RESULTS:  Just before the final half-day follow-up session, I was speaking with my client.  She said she was very happy with the way things had shifted over the past few months.  Although they were not perfect, the department had formed some new habits and positive mindsets that were producing tangible results. My client said she knew that over time, they would get better, and she was very pleased at how everyone embraced the training.

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