CASE STUDY: Excel Training

The case studies outlined in the “Athena In Action” series are being shared as examples of the variety of solutions we have provided to our clients for over a decade. 

TOPIC: Excel trainingAIA 600x314 (2)

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

ASSESSMENT/SITUATION:  I received a call from the VP of Human Resource of a manufacturing company.  I had introduced them to other Alliance partners in the past and she felt confident that I would be able to help her with this particular need.  She wanted to run a one day course on Excel training for 12 of their employees.  These employees were from a variety of departments and had varying degrees of experience in working with the program.  My client`s concern was finding one course for everyone both novice and intermediate at the same time.

ATHENA PARTNER MATCHING:  I have several partners that offer outlook training and the one I chose for this client was one that did an assessment up front to see where everyone`s skills level was.  Often participants are not 100% sure of their skill level and this assessment determines exactly where they are and it identifies areas for growth. This particular Athena Alliance partner also includes the option for participants to ask questions up to 30 days after the training.

SOLUTION:  A one day program was delivered and it was designed to teach the participants at both the novice and intermediate levels. The Athena Alliance partner always delivers very interactive programs and each participant was encouraged to bring in a project they were working on to work on so it was very relevant to their jobs.  Having the program designed so each person gets the tools they need regardless of their skills level really helps deeper learning take place.

RESULTS:  This Athena Alliance partner spends a lot of time during the session interacting with the students, showing them tips and techniques that can save them time (I always get positive feedback on her ability to engage the participants). A few people did use the option to contact the Athena Alliance partner with questions after the session, which also went a long way to enhance the learning.

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