CASE STUDY: Creating a Customized In-House College

The case studies outlined in the “Athena In Action” series are being shared as examples of the variety of solutions we have provided to our clients for over a decade.

TOPIC: Creating a Customized In-House CollegeAIA 600x314 (2)

INDUSTRY: Construction

ASSESSMENT/SITUATION:  It was 12 years ago when I first met with this client.  They wanted to create and run an in-house college where selected employees would attend a 3-year program where they would learn various topics on leadership. Young high potentials with the ability to grow in the organization were selected for the program.  The program would give them the development needed to move to Mid-Level Management. This company was totally committed to creating a powerful program that supported ongoing learning for their managers.

ATHENA PARTNER MATCHING:  The partner I chose for this client was a facilitator/coach who had extensive leadership skills training programs, a wide range of assessment tools and was an engaging facilitator.

SOLUTION: It took a few months to get the program designed.  It included topics such as leadership, delegation, giving feedback, difficult conversations, communication skills, presentation skills, personal branding, DiSC and coaching.  They have also periodically included other programs such as Outlook and Microsoft Office training.


To date, they have had 40 Graduates since the program started in 2005.  Of these, 5 have left the company, 35 have been promoted one level and 9 have been promoted multiple levels.   The current VP Operations is an Alumni of the program.  The Program is very prestigious, and graduates stand out in the organization.   The grad event starts with a Grad Ceremony, they attend a dinner with a guest and all of the executives attend.   They stay downtown and attend a Sunday morning breakfast as well.   They all receive company shares when they graduate.

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